At Upend Manor Renovation…We don’t just build homes. We help families design their homes around their family lifestyle and the things they love. Here’s my story…

In 2005, I was a 32 year-old married father of an 8-year-old son, 10 year old son, and infant daughter. I had almost a decade—a long, boring, arduous decade—of corporate construction management and real estate finance experience.

My passions and hobbies had long ago fallen to the wayside, as I worked 50–60 hours a week in a job I didn’t like. I believed working long and hard was the only way to provide the lifestyle I wanted for my family. Soon after my daughter was born, I decided something had to change!

So, I took the big and scary leap into self-employment by pursuing my general contractors license and aspiration of starting my own business; hoping to enjoy more flexibility, more creativity, and more time with my children.

I experienced the biggest “aha” moment of my life thus far, and I made a pledge to devote my time solely to my wife, my sons, my daughter, and my personal journey of self-discovery, and designing my lifestyle.

This journey led me to starting Upend Manor Renovation with the goal of helping other families realize their dreams and creating spaces that align perfectly with the spirit of their family's lifestyles.

A group of three multi-ethnic men wearing white and yellow hard hats, standing in a row.  The focus is on the worker in the middle,  He is the foreman of this work crew, a serious Hispanic man in his 50s wearing a royal blue shirt, looking at the camera.  They are construction workers, engineers or utility workers.